Horoscope for January 2012 for Pisces

Horoscope for January 2012 Pisces You'll have to buckle down now and get yourself organized both at work and at home. It's time for you to get back to work and get the things done that need doing. You are, unfortunately, going to have to work harder and with more accuracy if you want to accomplish your goals. On the plus side, your energy level is running high and fast so you'll be able to tear through tasks and projects like a sharp knife through warm butter. No matter how outsized the work load gets, you will be able to find the inner resources to keep on trucking. On the plus side, someone in authority will be taking notice of your efforts and you may find them paying off in spades somewhere down the road.

Even though you're working at a high rate, you'll want to avoid over-hurrying through important tasks. This is one of those times where, as the saying goes, "The hurry-der I go, the behind-er I get." Delegate tasks where possible, and then carefully organize the remaining duties into easily handled segments. You'll be amazed how much you can accomplish in a day's time if you truly set your mind to it and focus on the task at hand.

If you're thinking about a January vacation, make sure you've taken care of household chores prior to leaving. You'll enjoy the vacation more, knowing there's not a lot of unfinished work waiting for you when you arrive back home. Time spent on personal relationships will benefit not only your emotional health, but your physical and mental health as well. You need to be around people, especially those closest to you. In the hubbub to do your best at work, these relationships sometimes get put on the back burner. Now is the time to focus on them.

You could find yourself getting in a little hot water with your significant other at this tiem, if you aren't careful. An issue you thought had long been laid to rest will resurface, and along with its resurrection will come all the old, bad feelings you would just as soon have forgotten. Part of the problem is that the issue was never really dealt with before, but simply swept under the carpet. Unless you want to be dealing with the same thing a month, or even a year down the road, it is probably best you face it head on at this time, drag it out into the light and deal with it once and for all. You may find it tedious and even extremely unpleasant, but you'll feel a whole lot better once things are settled once and for all.

There's also the chance that you will be rekindling an old romance later this month, possibly someone who was at one time aware of your needs and willing to cater to them. This is someone with whom you once had a long term relationship, possibly a romantic one. You'll find yourself drawn together again after all this time. After all, the chemistry that drew you together in the first place still lingers on; should it be so surprising that you still find each other attractive now? The appearance of this person may complicate an already complicated situation, but you're going to be glad to see each other anyway. What happens after that depends entirely on you. What you do from here on out will determine your fate for months to come.

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