Horoscope for June 2012

Horoscope for June 2012 June is going to be a full month, that for sure! There are lots of planetary influences out there, ready to influence your daily life. The month pretty much begins under the influence of the Full Moon on June 4th. This will also be a partial Lunar Eclipse, during which the Sun will be in Gemini opposing the Moon and Sagittarius. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is charged with enthusiasm and speed. Travel light and keep your mind open: since Sagittarius is a fire sign, its energy may very well light up dark thoughts and bring a clear and directed mind.

While this planetary aspect is happening, Neptune becomes retrograde in Pisces: the boundaries between reality and dream become diffuse and even confusing. Together with the energy of the Full Moon, it may be an ideal time to delve into your dreams and to be in tune with your intuition. You should be careful not to lose yourself in the sea of dream: give yourself frequent reality checks.

On June 7th, Mercury enters Cancer. Mercury governs all manners of thinking, communication, commerce and travels. When Mercury enters this sign, your words become powerful and carry an intrinsic meaning, so they could very well used as weapons or bring about comfort, solace, and courage. Some tension (particularly emotional) could also happen.

Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11th and won't be leaving until 2013. This is a great aspect for the Gemini out there! However, you shouldn't let your guard down just because things might seem smooth...

On June 19th, we'll see the New Moon in Gemini. This represents new and exciting opportunities and sparks up new beginnings within the mental energy field and within the mind. As the name says, this "new" aspect may produce a very positive day, so take time to think about new ventures, new ideas or new habits.

While still under the influence of the New Moon, Sun enters the sign of Cancer, representing also the summer/winter solstices.

Uranus, in Aries, squares Pluto, in Capricorn, on June 24th, which is one of the most challenging transits of an entire generation. On one hand, Uranus represents change, revolution and collectiveness, producing shocking transformations. On the other hand, Pluto represents destruction, renewals and global effects, producing extreme consequence. The effect of both planets will be dramatically felt by all, particularly since they're squaring each other, producing stress and tension. Great changes may be about to happen...

Right on the following day, Jupiter will square Neptune, creating huge ideas and an overall feeling of inspiration. Ideals, whether political or social, may come to the foreground, forcing you to take on some humanitarian activities.

To finish off the month, Saturn becomes direct on June 25th in Libra and Venus on 27th in Gemini, which are very good aspects for relationships. Communication will be intense and true and romance will surely invade the air. Especially because Mercury also enters Leo on the 25th, giving you the extra energy, charisma and courage to chase love!

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