Horoscope for June 2012 for Scorpio

Horoscope for June 2012 Scorpio Decan 1 (born Oct 23 to Nov 1) - Beware of the month ahead, Scorpio. Although some positive influences are sure to be present during the month, your ruler (Pluto) will suffer an immense clash, while being retrograde, with Uranus this month, which may cause things to move slower, more difficult and more challenging. Mental stress may also play an important role in your mood this month, so avoid any conflicts. However, Jupiter will make an appearance in your decan during the first weeks of the month, so make sure you take time to express your feelings to your loved ones. Particularly so since the Lunar Eclipse (June 4th) will also place an emphasis on your relationships. However, after the middle of the month, you'll probably suffer from some anxiety, so don't make any harsh decision and control your criticism. However, you may also benefit from the action of Neptune and Pluto and take this time to promote important transformations in your life. It's definitely a time for change and revolutions in your life!

Decan 2 (born Nov 2 to 11) - Mars will be sextile to your Sun, a transit that has been around for quite some time now and that comes to an end on June 12th. Expect all the nervousness, anxiety and rashness you've been feeling for the last couple of months to disappear. Work-related matters will probably flow smoother after this transit has passed, making this an excellent time to refresh your professional life. Overall, the position of the Sun in your decan is very positive, so you'll definitely move towards a more positive period of your life. Around the middle of the month, your ruler - Pluto - clashes head on with Uranus and Venus becomes retrograde in your 8th house, inviting you to take some time to reflect about your life, your past, and your future. At the professional field, this is an excellent time to move forward or to ask for a raise; students may also amply benefit from this period.

Decan 3 (born Nov 12 to 22) - Jupiter continues to oppose your decan up until June 12th, so make sure you don't let your guard down. Keep those urges to overspend, overindulge and go over the top under control. If you don't, you'll probably end up making some wrong decisions, which could really become a problem! After this transit passes, please remember this: the worst has passed and the best is yet to come! As soon as Jupiter stops troubling you, you'll have the mental skill and ability to overcome any obstacles and to clearly plan for your future. Around the 12th, Jupiter leaves and Mars enters: this is the time to dedicate yourself to work-related matters. This planet will surely bring about good news, new opportunities and ideas to grow. Don't let this positive influence get away and keep an eye out for men in authority positions, since these will easily lend you a helping hand. Your personal relationships will also most surely become enhanced by this transit.

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