Horoscope for June 2012 for Pisces

Horoscope for June 2012 Pisces Decan 1 (born Feb 19 to 28) - The long-term influence of Mars will continue to force you to spend some much needed mental and physical energy. Therefore, you'll feel exhausted by the time you're confronted with a square from Venus, which may create some problems with your close relationships, or aggravate any underlying issues. This continues on until May 21st, when the New Moon will entice Neptune to conjunct with your Sun, bringing to the foreground any unresolved issues in all areas of your life. If your family has been claiming or demanding for your attention, conflicts will definitely arise now. However, later on, Mars exits the stage and tension will be dissipated, leaving a more serene and calm environment. Things will definitely get better in early July. Just hang in there and think that this month will be the finishing line for these negative influences. Next month, great things are in store.

Decan 2 (born Mar 1 to 10) - Until June 11th, Jupiter will continue to mark its presence, especially in your 3rd house (Communications). It's an excellent time to expand your knowledge and to seek some education, especially because your mind will be thirsty for knowledge. This also means that friends and colleagues will be a very positive influence, especially after the Full Moon on the 4th, which will put an end to a period of anxiety and mental stress. If you need to get something of your chest, don't let this opportunity get away. After the 11th, Jupiter enters your 4th house, creating a very special year ahead: it will benefit your house, family, properties and domestic matters. You'll feel on top of the world, but you'll probably be more comfortable in dealing with inner feelings than worldly matters. However, Mars will be lurking on the background until June 12th, so don't be surprised if you're overwhelmed by some anxiety and nervousness. Just remember that awesome days are in store!

Decan 3 (born Mar 11 to 20) - The positive influence of Mercury (which already began last month) and Jupiter (until June 12th) will create a positive sextile with the Sun, so expect great communication skills and an enhanced charisma. You'll find support and love come in from all directions, especially because your home life will be in the spotlight this month. However, some complicated transits will be influencing couples this month, so try to surpass any problems and tension with the support from Mercury. Don't let the challenging transit from Venus get the best of you. If you need to make some financial decisions, please refrain from any rashness and make sure you seek professional advice. Venus will definitely be playing with your finances and money-related matters. Don't let this dampen your confidence; although this month may be somewhat difficult, next month planetary influences will be, once more, by your side.

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Horoscope for June 2012