Horoscope for April 2012

Horoscope for April 2012 The planets in April point to an increase in personal responsibility. If you've been having issues along these lines, now might be the time to consider turning over a new leaf. There's no reason the effort must be a one-person operation, however. There is much to be gained in this arena by seeking out the assistance of others who share the problem. Consider finding a support group that can help with your efforts.

Now the value of various theories, plans and decisions increases markedly. During this month, most people will be more likely to analyze the actions and their consequences, and always before they commit to a particular course of action. It is important that this favorable condition not be passed over due to inaction or a fear of moving ahead in life. Decisions made now, though likely to impact the rest of your life, will most likely be good ones, so don't hesitate to step up to the plate and make your stand. Now the analytical and intellectual abilities that tend to wax and wane will work in your favor and you will be able to come up with more detailed plans, rather than simply generalizations. Though the implementation may be postponed for some time, this is still the time to draw up the blueprints for your personal future. Rest assured that in good time, you will see the opportunity to implement your ideas. When that time comes, you'll be glad you have prepared so fully.

Prudence and growth in personal relationships is also reaching a new zenith as you move into a very social point in your life. You should be paying great attention this month to the way your life is arranged. Consider the possibilities and pathways laid before you now; you have many choices to make when it comes to relationships. Consider your options carefully, but do consider them. This is a good time to consider a cohabitating sort of arrangement; the one you are thinking of may well be very receptive to the idea and you may discover you're better suited to one another than you had previously believed. Sure, you can definitely see all the flaws of his or her passions and deep feelings, but you must avoid focusing solely on faults. There is much good in this person as well, as you already know. Sometimes it's easy to forget that fact.

You can make a comment or say something publicly, but do not repeat your comment more than twice; you run the risk of seeming boastful or overbearing. If you should feel an overwhelming need to pound your point home with words, you should be aware that your relationship is likely to suffer because of your decision. Any criticism you receive at this time should be treated as constructive. Someone may be trying to point you in a more positive direction. Rest assured they are most certainly not trying to "put you down" or denigrate you in any way.

In the last week of April, most people are aware of the true value of relationships. For those not already in a relationship, this period will also be successful one for meeting new people and beginning romances. If the opportunity presents itself, don't hesitate to jump into a romance with both feet. Now is not the time to be testing the waters timidly!

Finally, many will come at this time to see the real beauty of the world around them. Even the smallest, most mundane objects may suddenly take on an inner light and project themselves into the mind and heart with a stronger, brighter vision.

The most successful days: 10, 16, 24

Stressful Days: 19, 21, 26

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