Horoscope for May 2012

Horoscope for May 2012 The first days of the month may be ridden with conflicts. Expect some misunderstandings, and mood swings, and, therefore, be careful with the steps you take and the words you say. Caution is the keyword for the beginning of the month. However, you may and should feel confident that everything will turn out well.

On the 5th, the full Moon in Scorpio brings about secrets and mystery. Take it slow and make sure that personal secrets remain personal and that you behave accordingly. You need to choose with wisdom and discretion, because if you cave in under pressure, issues will come back to haunt you.

From the 6th onwards, honesty and the truth are favored. Don't be scared if you have some big ideas or some big plans: take your time, think things through, and keep your eyes and your mind open all the time. Inventiveness and originality will come to you! You should, nevertheless, try to establish a cool and stable emotional environment, since you'll probably need some incentive, even if it is small praise. Also, make sure you keep a low profile along the way, because conflicts will still be in the background.

Starting on May 10th, uncertainty and shifting grounds can mark the days. Confrontation is the wrong game to play, but pulling out entirely is also not recommended. A certain fake stability in the general atmosphere may tempt you into feeling comfortable and let your guard down.

From May 15th to June 27th, Venus will become retrograde in the sign of Gemini. This means that for a period, you will be tempted to assess what and who you have. Getting married, starting a new relationship or beginning major financial enterprises is not recommended during this period. Your social appetite may seem diminished and you should take this time to begin a process of analysis and of priority-setting.

On the 20th, the Sun will enter Gemini and the month ahead will surely bring about strong communication, creativity and heighten intellectual activities. The next days will be filled with words and messages, making this an excellent time to establish new contacts and strengthening old ones. The 20th will also see a New Moon in the Gemini sign, which may force you to fractalize, to branch out, and to establish new priorities. If you want to become a leader, you will be forced to adapt to the new circumstances at hand. Spread out and try to create a web as encompassing as possible.

Overall, May 2012 will force to take a look at the ideas of the past and make them work in the future. It should be a month dedicated to introspection and self-discovery, during which you should take any external noise with a grain of salt. Express your feelings carefully and take responsibility for your words, while avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings. Build solid foundations for your future but, for the time being, save your strength and keep your eyes on the prize.

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