Horoscope for May 2012 for Cancer

Horoscope for May 2012 Cancer Decan 1 (born Jun 21 to Jul 1) - Mars will continue to transit through your decan, so your energy and vigor will remain untouched. Mars began its influence in mid-March but since the planet is retrograde, the effect will linger on until May 19th 2012. Turn your attention to projects or ideas you've started over the last couple of months and take advantage of the stamina that you still have to complete them. Mars will only be in this position again in August, so if you need something done, be it professional or personal, do it now. From May 9th to 14th, Mercury takes the lead, as soon as Mars is exiting the stage. This will give you the skills to convince others of your ideas and plans in an assertive manner. If you need to attend to financial or legal issues, to sign a contract or to buy/sell something, this is also a most beneficial period.

Decan 2 (born July 2 to Jul 12) - The Full Moon on the 6th will bring about a good feeling of balance, since this event causes a harmonizing trine aspect to your decan, producing two weeks of tender, love and care with your personal and romantic relationships. Tension in your life will likely disappear and, if you put this together with the Sun connecting with Jupiter on the 13th, you will have the confidence needed to conquer the world. Make sure you share some positive vibes with your loved ones. This Moon phase will also see Mercury sextile your decan (May 15th to 19th), creating meaningful and powerful interactions with your loved ones and making this the ideal time to convince anyone about ideas or plans. Any changes in your home environment will be benefitted and beneficial. Starting on May 19th, Mars will sextile your decan and give you an energy boost. This is a very positive Mars transit, meaning that your plans will probably encounter little or none resistance whatsoever.

Decan 3 (born Jul 13 to 22) - Expect some trouble ahead and blame it on Mercury, which will be creating a square transit in your decan between May 3rd and 9th. You may be feeling restless, nervous, anxious, and impatient, which may cause tension in professional and personal relationships. And things are about to get worse: on May 5th, Mercury will opposite Saturn; your thoughts will become cloudy and may feel oppressed by feelings of heaviness, responsibility, pressure, and discouragement. Take heart tough, because Mercury will pass very quickly and this will probably only last for a day or so! Contrary to this particular trend, the May 20th Solar Eclipse will give you a boost that will last for months, since it will positively influence those born during the 3rd Decan of Cancer. Life will seem a walk in the park: your mind will be clear and positive, good news will arrive from everywhere, and plans will be revealed and acted upon. This is the beginning of a new phase in your life, which will be with you for the next couple of months.

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