Horoscope for May 2012 for Aries

Horoscope for May 2012 Aries Decan 1 (born Mar 21 to 30) - The Arians born during the first decan can expect a relatively calm beginning of the month, but the Solar Eclipse on the 20th will bring an improved sense of self, a boost in your self-confidence and an overall feeling of power that will last for months. Relationships with powerful people, both professionally and socially, are emphasized and you'll probably get all the help you need to fulfill your goals. Around the eclipse, take some time to actually write down some specific goals and try to follow through with them. The people surrounding you will likely help you, instead of becoming obstacles or nuisances, so make sure you expand your contact network and that you recruit as many allies as you can. Mercury will sextile your decan at the end of the month, creating the perfect atmosphere to communicate your plans clearly and eloquently. Together with the Solar Eclipse on the 20th, this is a great opportunity to express your true colors and you'll fell on top of the world. It's the perfect time to make plans for the future, since amazing thoughts will come to the foreground. Remember: thoughts need to be acted on - take action!

Decan 2 (born Mar 31 to Apr 9) - Mercury opens the month by travelling through your decan. This transit began on April and will continue up until the first days of May. Expect some confusion and to feel quite overwhelmed, but take some time to think about money and finances, since these aspects will be emphasized. After the 3rd, you'll get a few calmer days and you should use this time to socialize: contact and visit friends who haven't heard from you in a while, which may become a very fruitful experience. Later this month, Mercury transits your decan once again (until June 2nd), this time increasing your communication skills, creating the perfect opportunity to share your plans and dreams with world. You'll feel energetic and reinvigorated; however, make sure you direct your energy appropriately, because your energy may come across as aggressive behavior.

Decan 3 (born Apr 10 to 20) - A very positive Venus transit will be with you throughout May 2012. Enjoy the feeling of harmony, both in your romantic and professional relationships. Your self-esteem and your self-confidence will be soaring high in the sky, so take the time to socialize, to make new friends, to contact old ones, and to enjoy new experiences. Together with the fact that Mercury will pass through your decan from May 3rd to 9th, it could also bring about a very romantic period, during which love and affection will seem to rule everything. These are also the days to invest in beauty, decorations, artwork, etc. and everything you touch will seem to turn to gold. If you were thinking about getting a makeover or revamping your house, now is the time to do it. Generally speaking, it will be a very positive period in your life and positive changes are bound to happen!

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Horoscope for May 2012