Horoscope for May 2012 for Capricorn

Horoscope for May 2012 Capricorn Decan 1 (born Dec 22 to 31) - Expect to maintain those high energy levels, until, at least, May 19th, since Mars will continue to trine your decan until this day; this means that the strength and courage needed to chase your dreams and expectations will continue to be with you, amply benefitting from a most positive transit from Mercury from May 9th to 14th. This planet and this aspect will enhance your communication skills and will provide you with the mental clarity to work even further and to put all plans into action. It's time to close all the chapters in the book you've been writing and you'll have the confidence and the stamina you need. Pluto also enters the scene during this month and its influence will activate the long transit for you this year: you'll be driven to renovate and improve all aspect of your life and you'll obsessively keep your eyes on the prize. Mercury, Mars and Pluto together will give you the strength to carry out important changes in your life.

Decan 2 (born Jan 1 to 10) - Capricorn, expect an excellent month ahead! It begins with the Full Moon on the 6th, which will produce two weeks of calm and balance in your professional, romantic and family relationships. Things will seem easy and flow even more easily: you'll probably find allies everywhere and less resistance to your plans from everyone around you. Take this time to socialize and to spend time with friends and family, enjoying an overall sense of harmony. After these calm weeks, Mars will trine your decan (May 19th-June 13th), providing the extra energy and stamina needed to drive towards success. You won't come across as aggressive, despite the overflow of energy; in fact, your sex appeal will also be enhanced, which is a very powerful combination when put together with clear communication skills, persuasiveness and clear thinking. It's a most beneficial period to sign contracts, to buy/sell assets and even to find a romantic partner if you're single.

Decan 3 (born Jan 11 to 19) - Some negativity could be lurking around for you, Capricorn, during the first days of the month. These feelings and difficulties will probably linger on until May 9th (blame them on the influence of Mercury, which is squaring your decan) and peak on May 5th, since Mercury opposites Saturn and the latter planet triggers the longer transit of 2012 for you. During this time, don't be surprised if you experience challenges and setbacks and if you feel as if you're going through a crisis. Remember that all crises create excellent opportunities to grow and add value to your life, so change paths or tactics because the most important thing is to maintain your focus on your goals and plans and keep any pessimism at bay. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th will bring drastic and long-lasting improvements to you, Capricorn. Your goals will seem to be within arm's reach and you will have the confidence needed to surpass any obstacles. Enjoy this excellent period and feel free to think big!

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