Horoscope for March 2013

Horoscope for March 2013 Despite all the good intentions that we have this month, things economically are still a little upset. They are getting better but you still need to budget and keep your money safe. Do not invest in tricky schemes for these will prove out to be scams.

This month is a time of change and new beginnings. The solar calendar starts on the spring equinox on the 20th and this will herald in a new year.

If you have followed advice this year you will have a road map already written down in your mind. This map will provide you with guidance to reach your goals. Individual goals are important when working through life's problems. If you find that you cannot reach a goals at the time set out, don't be depressed. Just pick up and keep going.

Individual rights are of prime concern in March as new laws and legislations are predicted to take place. You will need to learn to balance governmental decrees with corporate rights and your rights to retain freedoms. You will find that the planet of Uranus is moving into Aries and forcing us to look at a different world. This is a world where economics are challenging and the promise of good employment opportunities are closing. This will make all of you try and be creative and find your place in this new world.

Steeping into an uncertain work can be exciting. You have an unknown future and there will be awesome experiments, and discoveries that take place in March. The spring equinox on the 20th will herald in a new astrological year and newness and change will be the new norm.

It will be highly tempting during March to just turn a blind eye to the dark corners of your mind. We do not want to think about love, money or ethics. Yet if you hid away from these things they will come out when you least expect them and turn your normal lives chaotic. Keep your ethics high this month. This is a warning.

As Saturn begins to trine with Neptune, you may find that things lighten up this month. There will be more willingness to compromise and work with one another. You may find that the lightning of the winter months begin to move to herald in spring. Start your outdoor chores with a new vigor and hope of a better time.

Use your imagination this month to make things work. As Jupiter moves with the Moon you will find that imaginations take flight and this brings on new discoveries. Look outside your little box and let your knowledge soar. Gain new insights into the world and read histories of long ago experiments that made your world what it is today. Read about technological advances that are making our communications faster and much more accurate. Medical discoveries this month can be astounding. Look at and find the little details that the newsmakers seem to forget. This is really a pretty spectacular month to be alive.

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