Horoscope for March 2013 for Leo

Horoscope for March 2013 Leo Leo your element is fire and it is a fixed quality. With the fire nature of Leo you make an exceptional leader. Find the path toward that career that will give you the opportunity to lead. Be ready to cheer on the 17th Leo when Mercury resumes a direct motion. Give it a few days and then handle you money problems. Keep them organized and in the forefront of your life. Don't let things fly by you.

When Mars enters Aries on the 12th you will have the opportunity to be in touch with in-laws or those who you have not seen for quite awhile. This will bring you joy and contentment knowing that they still love you. Expect challenges from those around you and make sure your current relationship is on solid ground. You do not need any distractions until the 20th of March when changes are in the wind. The spring equinox will give you the opportunity to make changes for the better.

On the 11th of March you will find that your finances are energized with a gift from a loving family member. Take heed and pay them back. Be very cautious today when applying for a loan or a mortgage. Borrow as little as you can and scale back your expenses.

You will not be able to travel this month. Leo, after February 27th though the first of March, you need to be very cautious when you travel anywhere. You have problems that you have not resolved and you will be caught this month.

Avoid controversy and conversation at work and don't buck authority. Take this month to relish the spring and become a gentler person.

Your lucky days are the 1st, 12th, 13th and 14th. You will be particularly rewarded on the 16th and 18th plus the 28th. Follow your heart on the 23rd.

Hide under the covers on the 2nd and the 4th plus the 20th and the 27th. Close the curtains on the 23rd, and the 22nd.

You long or attention wherever you go and sometime you do very strange things for that attention. Give honesty a try you may find that you get more attention than you have ever had before. Do not exaggerate your health issues and take care of those around you. Have you ever thought that giving of yourself is better than asking for attention?

Live a balanced lifestyle during the month of March. Find your balance and live for today. Use you intelligence to make thing happen and be thoughtful. If you are kind and compassionate on the 31st of March there will be a reward that you never thought would happen again. Be happy and don't make things worse for yourself by doubting your abilities.

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Horoscope for March 2013