Horoscope for March 2013 for Libra

Horoscope for March 2013 Libra Libra, if your birthday is between September 27 and October 7 you will find that Uranus moves into your house of relationships. A good friend will go through major changes this month and you will feel that this person is about to end. Don't be sad, endings are really beginnings. This is a month of changing and reinventing yourself to be the person you want to be. Let the energy flow with the changes and become someone you want to be.

On the 27th of March the full moon will be in your sign and this will influences your relationships. You will want to be with someone special and make things work out. Difficulties may arise with a family member or a close friend since you want to assert your independence. Your freedom urges could cause conflicts.

March 1th has the potential to bring you to the attention of decision makers. Every effort you put into your job will pay off this summer and you may receive e a small raise and a welcomed promotion. Be ready for change.

On the 20th of March the spring equinox will provide you with a note that will change your life. You will be happier than you have ever been before. Be alert for this message and do be happy.

As Mars advances into Aires you will have great partnerships and other close relationships. You will socialize with your very most favorite people, Misunderstandings that happened during the first of March will e resolved and you can go on your merry way with a light heart.

Watch for the 4th, 6th, 12th and 15th of March. These are highly challenging days. On the 20th and 22nd be careful and take an umbrella with you when you go out. The 27th and 31st will be particularly challenging but you will be able to weather all difficulties.

Rejoice on the 8th, 9th, and 13th. These are your lucky days. You can tie luck into the 14th, 18th and 23rd, plus the 2th and 28th. Be happy most of the month and let things fall where they may.

Be your romantic self this month Libra. You will find that extravagant gifts will come your way. If you are gullible, though you will find that someone will take advantage of you. Beware of those who would tie you up with lies and promises of the moon. They are not being realistic.

Start the month of March by listening to you inner child, Libra. Go out and play and take time for yourself. You are much to wrapped up in things that are challenging and stressful. You need to play more and love more and be more of a social person. If you change with the month of the spring equinox you will find that your life is highly enriched.

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