Horoscope for March 2013 for Virgo

Horoscope for March 2013 Virgo You are a worrier but a perfectionist Virgo. You make the world go around, Virgo by your organization and efficiency tactics. Keep doing what you love to do to make things in your home and work life enormously wonderful and good. You are also a communicator, Virgo. Keep those communications skills at a high level particularly during March when changes are happening. You will be called on to make changes in a work schedule.

Stay in your comfort zone with people you love this month. You will need support and strive to do a job well and get everything finished. Find a place in your heart for those less fortunate than you and organize charitable functions for them.

Jupiter's energy is on your side during March Virgo. You will not feel energized all the time but enough to make it feel as though the projects you have going will be successful. If you need luck in the career venue you will find that Saturn in Scorpio brings out creative ideas during the first two weeks of March.

You will have great relationships this month. They will be a bright spot in the third week of March. On the 11tth of March and again on the 17th you will have relationship encounters that will bring you to your knees. This will be highly positive for you and your partner. Reconnect with loved ones on the 17th and look for important ancestor information on the 8th and again on the 28th.

Money and success will perk along with routine matter occupying most of you working day. You will have the freedom to strengthen ties with coworkers at lunch and on breaks. This will bring very welcome companionship into your life. March will be the month of social beginnings.

Money matters may be a bit challenging at the end of the Month when the full moon in Libra on March 27h clashes with many of the planets. There will be unexpected expenses arising from difficult medical problems and poor investments. However, Uranus loves you and on the 27th may bring you some respite.

Your happiest days during March will be on the 1st, 6th, 7th, and 10th. The 14th will see you at a party with friends and the 19th will be a day of rejoicing. Watch for good tidings on the 28th and 30th.

Do be aware of the weather and atmospheric disturbances on the 4th, 5th and 12th. You may not want to drive your car on the 11th and 31st.. The 22nd and 25th plus the 27th and 31st will be highly challenging. You will make it until April 1 with everything intact.

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