Horoscope for August 2013

Horoscope for August 2013 August always seems to be a somewhat complicated month. There are planet alignments moving into your houses in preparation for fall, and August 2013 can be somewhat lazy. The atmosphere around you is more sober and frustrating and you often do not get what you want.

You will find that feelings are a bit scarce and demands are somewhat higher. You will discover that there are challenges with relationships. Perhaps this is due to the month of August 2013 being a somewhat transitional month. Do watch the Mars-Saturn grouping that will give strength in certain circumstances that might just lead to constructive communications.

Work and careers is certainly enhanced during August 2013. You need to deal with all negotiations and assignments with sensibility and a sense of calmness. A bit of tension in the workplace will be apparent so guard against disputes, disagreements, and gossip. Competition and rivalry and litigation might end in our favor, but you do need to avoid provocations. Resolve all your conflicts with co-workers quickly and seamlessly; do not let upper management know that there are problems.

Teams at work are very organized, but you might do much better finishing assignments on your own. Don't depend on others; they might just be a bit flaky during August 2013. Do know that you will be successful in all intellectual activities tied to your career this month. You might find that creative solutions bring high rewards and results.

Investments and financial dealings might just focus on real estate or issues that involve material possessions. If you want to purchase something high end; don't. August does not lend itself well to loans and financing.

Health in August 2013 is a bit difficult. This may be due to restlessness and the obstacles you are overcoming in your emotional life. You do have, however, the perseverance and resolve to get through all issues and make them better. Clean up your environment, but beware of dust and mice motes in the air. These will cause allergies, colds and a general feeling of malaise. When working in dusty situations wear a face mask.

August is always a great month to go camping and hiking in the mountains. It is more relaxed in the rarefied air and the warmth of the month is still apparent. Feel the snap in the air as you move through forests, drink the cool air, and enjoy the nature around you. If you are not a hiking enthusiast, try going to a beach. Lie in the warm sand and just meditates. There is still plenty of summer available in August 2013 and it almost seems as if the world is just relaxing.

Take care of your family finances during August 2013. Don't spend to your heart's desire, and do keep your environment clean and refreshed. Keep windows open at night to prevent the dry dead air filling your home due to air conditioning. Keep hydrated and you skin moist. Use organic lotions and eat vegetarian. All these will help you survive the laziest month of the year.

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