Horoscope for August 2013 for Leo

Horoscope for August 2013 Leo Leo, August 2013 will see you being your very at your very best as the August 6th New Moon lightens up your house of social abilities. Share what you have with those around you and smile often. Enjoy the popularity you are arousing. Use your energy to launch your solar year, Leo. Set plans in motion to be happy, successful, and take time to work out and eat right. You may find that if you take care of yourself, your health will be great and energy levels will be high.

August 2013 brings a Full Moon in your solar house of relationships on the 20th. This can be a new relationship that you are trying to foster or an old commitment that needs to be deepened. Communication can flow freely during the time of the 20th through the 31st if you let it. Be honest and let your true feelings out.

Money is always a challenge and this month will be not different with planetary influences that give you confusion during the last of the month of August 2013. Safe guard you finances and valuables. Do be cautious when using your debit and credit cards and do not shop online. This will cause problems and you may find yourself the victim of a stolen identity. Make sure your credit report is up to date and has no errors.

You might feel pushed to the maximum at your work and school. You have projects and tests and difficult people asking you for help. There may be unexpected events that will cause you harm and distress. Try not to make snap decision solutions the middle of August. The 17th an 18th are going to be highly challenging for you and you do not need to be spontaneous. Do not travel this month at any cost. If you go out to party, use a designated driver. Avoid driving whenever you can and take care to be traffic worthy.

The rewarding days for you in August 2013, Leo are the 2nd and 4th. Look for very good luck on the 10th and 12th and watch for money changes on the 15th that will be very enlightening and good. On the 16th your will have a great day with a love interest and the 24th and 29th will bring you joy and happiness.

You may be challenged in life on the 3rd and 4th plus the 11th and 17th Do stay away from bars and drug dealers on the 18th and 23rd and keep your money tight to your chest on the 25th. The last day of August or the 31st is particularly challenging when you need to change positions at work and classes at school. All will be well, thought it you keep in touch with those who love you.

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