Horoscope for November 2013

Horoscope for November 2013 Money matters come easily in November if you are responsible. Keep a tight hold on what you spend this month so you can ensure that all have what they need. You might just uncover hidden assets around the 5th of November but you do need to tame your spending habits.

Take relationships to the next level to ensure that you are not along during the holidays. You might, however have to let someone go who is not fitting in with your plans. Complications might just start to come up when Venus shifts into Cancer and causes disagreements on household finances, assets, and placement. There are murky emotional waters for you and your partner during the first part of November. You need to remind your partner that this is a time of being thankful for what you have been given rather than nit-picking at every little annoyance.

November 2013 starts a journey into our house of transformation. You may find that you have the assistance and pleasure of generous people who know what you can do and appreciate your abilities. Reconnect with supporters who try and give you advice to advance your career that will take you far into the future.

There are cosmic forces that influence you this month of November. The first is a Uranus-Pluto square that began early in the year and recurs on November 1st. This is a pattern of thoughts that might just shatter what you have always believed. You will alter the direction of your life and begin to make changes that will make you a different person. You want to change and the metamorphosis that begins in November will take many years to complete.

Mercury will bring you a message on the 5th that reminds you that this is a month of being very busy. You will begin to run errands that never end and cleaning up your environment never ends. You work is very busy and you long for the comfort and safety of your home. You might find that the effects of being too busy bring you to your knees in the form of ill health. You know what to do and if you persevere you will succeed in overcoming the health problems associated with stress and anxiety.

You might just enjoy yourself the middle of the month of pleasurable distractions. You find that you are very protective of what you have and the family around you. This brings on a feeling of gratefulness for what you all share. Take care that you do not alienate anyone in your immediate family. The person you disliked? This is the month to change your attitude.

Unfortunately you will always have the persistent problems that continually make it very difficult for you to relax and lose the mind chatter. Events that will never come to pass are making you sad and November tends to bring out the sadness in your soul. Go to someone you trust and talk to them candidly. Let them be the healing balm that will make November a very nice month. Remember that this is the month of family thankfulness and heart health.

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