Horoscope for November 2013 for Aquarius

Horoscope for November 2013 Aquarius Aquarius the week of November 17th when the Full Moon is in Taurus and your house of energy you might just have a great burst of energy. You will get your home in shape and plan all the holiday parties and family reunions for the month. You might just find neat decorations available for purchase at your local decorating store and you will make your home festive. Freshen up a bedroom for guests and find new linens for the bathrooms.

Your relationships during November are upbeat this month. Do not believe everything that you are told however and around the 24th beware of deceit. You might hear confidential and secret information on the 15th, but keep it to yourself. Do not launch a new relationship since this is too busy of a month, but you might have a great time with friends early in the month and the very last day or the 30th.

There will be delayed decisions on promotions and new assignments until after the 21st of November. This is the time when Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio and your house of finances. You might find new career enhancements after the 8th and near the 29th these enhancements will be up for review. Take care to accept new assignments and projects with a happy attitude. This will carry you far. Patience will grant you rewards.

Travel is not in the cards during November. Let others travel to you instead. The 1st of November brings you the second exact alignment of Uranus in Aries and your house of balance. You will find that a relative needs your help both financially and spirituality. You will be in a good position to help them after the 20th of November. You might just have challenges with neighbors or possibly siblings during November. Take care to keep your intuition high and avoid all disagreements to the best of your ability. Drive carefully this month.

Do be aware that you will be highly challenged in your career on the 1st and the 5th of November. On the 7th a project you were doing goes array and the 9th brings arguments with team members at work. Watch out for the 13th of November and make sure that you do not go shopping on this day. The 21st is highly challenging as you get ready for guests and Thanksgiving or the 28th is especially challenging as you try to juggle everything and everyone.

Take a quiet nap on the 10th of November and keep your spirits high on the 11th. The 14th is a rewarding day when things go right at work and home. The 18th is rewarding and will find you talking your way out of a traffic ticket. The 20th is wonderful to begin baking and the 22nd you will find bargains galore. The 24th is rewarding and you can rest easy on the 27th. Take the 29th to stay home from work and just veg in your jammies in front of the television.

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Horoscope for November 2013