Horoscope for May 2013

Horoscope for May 2013 Welcome to May 2013 the fifth month of the year and the month when spring starts to smell it's sweetest. If you find that you are frustrated early in the month of May, find creative ways to turn things around. Do not be afraid of the mystical properties of the unusual, just try and do things differently. Stop with the cynicism and learn that if you have financial problems you will overcome them with hard work and patience.

If you are involved with someone you might want to take a trip from them for just a time. Absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Decisions that you made months ago will affect your life this month. All the months move together to blend into a year and if you have a difficult time one month you can always look to the next month.

You may find that unusual things from your past resurface in May. This is a bit scary since you left those unusual things behind with good reason. Take decisive action to keep your mind and body in balance and do not let the past drive you off your path.

This is really a great month. May 2013 at times is the month you have worked hard for and look forward to. Mother's Day? This is a time to celebrate she who gave you life and honor her for her sacrifice. Did you know that childbirth is almost like dying and coming alive again?

Keep a tight hold on your valuables this month. Take care of your love. You may lose what you have if you are negative and neglectful. Keep focused to stay dangers.

Make sure that others know how you feel this month. If you keep your emotions bottled in you will create disaster in our world. Stop flirtations at work. You do not know what you are getting into.

If you are searching for a relationship that will be precious you may find it in your own back yard or right in front of you. It will be so obvious that you will not recognize what it is, but you will eventually realize that you had love all along. You may need to show independence in love and romance. This will be highly sexy.

Take time to be alone with your thoughts. You will be able to come to terms with situations that are troubling as well as bring balance into your life. Try to mediate if you are unable to sleep at night due to nagging problems. Meditation will put problems into perspective.

Try not to let finances and money matters be an issue between you and a loved one. Money is only materials wealth and though it is good to have, it is not the reason for happiness. Take time to be with someone you love. Go for a walk and hold hands or just talk about tomorrow on the porch swing. May 2013 is a soft month and one that can bring back the goodness in your life.

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