Horoscope for May 2013 for Pisces

Horoscope for May 2013 Pisces Pisces you are the most magical and mystical sign of the Zodiac. You love to swim through intuition and spirituality and matters deep in the mind. You tend to be highly restless when you are not in your element and sometimes you heart is full of self-destruction. You rule the feet, but you are always trying to find the mists of magical realms.

This will not be the best month of the year for you Pisces. You will find that a high level of activity and events cause you stress and challenges. You want to mend you good name that was damaged last month, and you will find that you can do this through hard work.

Try and pull back from the pressures that are causing sickness in your soul. Do only what you can and delegate or ask for help for other portions of projects. You may find that you health is affected since you are so very angry at those around you.

Control your anger and aggressions Pisces. This is not you; but silent worry and stress will also cause problems. Things will improve after the middle of the month of May.

You career will be on an average growth pattern and you want to grow you position but your are having a difficult time finding the words to make others see your potential You need to network and find others in your line of work who know you.

Work environment will be somewhat detached and you are feeling lost. You could just be worrying about what is going to come after the 20th of May. After this date you will began to gain your energy and positive attitude back.

Your colleagues will be a bit of a burden on your soul during the 1st through the 15th of May. You may find that you need to look for other job opportunities to keep your mind in gear and your soul intact.

Love will be very low until after the 15th of May. There will be no opportunities for you to socialize or meet new partners. After the 17th of May 2013 you will gain back your shine and others will start to notice you.

Existing relationships will be very poor during May. Your bonding as well as communications will go to an all time low. Stay at work until you finish projects and then start to work on your relationships. If you are married you will experience issues that are very unpleasant. You may be mentally disconnected to your spouse. Work on your marriage this month to make sure that you stay together.

Finances will improve this month and that is great! You need to focus mostly on the everyday expenditures that will keep you happy. Make sure that pressures about money are not due to wasteful or non-productive expenses. Keep a watchful eye on your finances.

Family life will be great in May. There may be misunderstandings with family members, but this happens in every family. Take care of your health and the health of your family and mind our speech. Stay balanced Pisces and you will be okay.

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