Horoscope for February 2013

Horoscope for February 2013 February is the month of love, communication and partnerships. It is also a month to sit back and revisit your yearly resolutions to see if you are on track and to make plans to keep moving through 2013. Begin by realizing that you need to be practical and independent during February 2013. Find those talents within you that include arts as well as intellectual pursuits. February is a cold and bleak month and it's up to you to make it exciting.

As Neptune transits and conjuncts with the Sun you may feel a great need to just get away from everything and for some peace and quiet. You may feel more mysterious and sensitive this month and you will attract pleasant people and circumstances into your life. Meditation is the key this month and getting to deeply relax and take time away from the hectic pace of life is very important. The Sun and Neptune connection may cause a bit of confusions sine you are not sure where you are headed. You may want to keep your persona life somewhat noncommittal until you find yourself.

If you are unsure where to direct your willpower and what projects to begin and finish, it might be wise to start an actual written list of what needs to be done. Let go of attachments that are causing you confusion and learn to think on your own.

You may find that as the planets move quietly though your sign you will become somewhat more grounded. You have the power of realism and caution on your side and your work reflects the meticulous attention you have paid to each project. It may be slow and not come to pass in February, but hte would you do will begin to pay off in small and measureable ways. You might be recognized for your work and those above you will appreciate and recognize your work. Put your life in order in a significant manner and improve concentration and practical awareness of the limits of what you can do.

As you sit and meditate on where your life is going realize that there are people this month that will demand much of your attention. You will need to be strong to help them through small problems that can grow into large obstacles. Attractions this month to others are possible and you are longing for deeper intimacy. You are also very fearful of closeness and tiny things may trigger strange emotions. If you find yourself examining old hurts, you need to avoid taking it out on your partner. Research about what it takes to make someone happy and help your relationship grown stronger.

Watch our finance this month and if you need to make a large payment you will have to change your spending habits. Finances are always complicated but you can continually find creative solutions.

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