Horoscope for December 2013

Horoscope for December 2013 December is home and family month. It is holiday parties and social get-togethers. It is being with family far and near and enjoying a lazy day of gift giving. Bring more happiness and prosperity to you and your family when Mercury moves you back into the middle of the year and offers you the potential to continue with family ties. You can reclaim opportunities you took in July and finish them in December. Look for agreements at work and finish contracts. Revisit sales, pitches and determine where you will go with ideas.

Your life is never on hold and December does not allow you to be static. You might want to consider decisions you have made that include divorce, companionship or relationships. Determine whether or not bankruptcy, taxes, and settlements are for you. Make a push to gain commissions and bonuses that are outside your regular resources. Put forth ambitions to finish all projects.

The new moon moves around and gives you two weeks to launch in new directions. You can also take your relationships and family issues to another level. Do be aware that home renovations will not be wise at this time of the year.

Magic as in the air in December and you may experience something so awesome and sudden that you cannot take it all in. Perhaps it is the change that involves your image and personal goals. You need to make resolutions and write them down. Free yourself of the "same-old, same old" and make plans to develop a new you. Unusual changes will not bother you this month. Catch up to yourself and find where you are going.

Look for new horizons to broaden you charity nature. Give and keep giving is the mantra of December. Find volunteer situations where you can shine. Bring along your family. Make a point to help someone else and make their holidays a bit easier. By taking care of others you bring delight and newness to your own soul.

Watch that financial matters are taken care of. Do not do more than you can do or purchase and give more than you can give. It is wrong to impoverish you and your family just to make a generous name for yourself.

Love tends to demand a bit more in December. It night be the gift giving and the longing for companionship that gives rise to these demands. Spotlights should be on children and their magical dreams. This is the time for enjoyment yet it is also the time for spiritual reflection. If you are single there is an intense and cloudy love affair looming. Do not be disturbed; you will find it exciting and something that may last for years. Don't let others get in the way of your holidays; just add them to your list and be a friend to everyone. December is magical, hopeful, dreamy, and absolutely wonderful.

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