Horoscope for December 2013 for Gemini

Horoscope for December 2013 Gemini Gemini you need to cross your fingers during December and hope for a year end bonus. Jupiter in Cancer and your second house of favorable finances you just might make it. Upbeat job news is so needed today! There might be an offer about a promotion or at least a supervisor position. Find that coworkers love the idea of you being their boss. They will all give you great recommendations during December. Be sure and return the favor when you have the opportunity.

The December 2nd New Moon and your house of relationships will bring on a desire for an engagement with someone you have loved for a long time. If you are in a committed relationship you will want to make deeper commitment to your mate. On the 17th of December there will be emphasis on relationships that are very positive. Compromise when you need do, however.

Venus will turn retrograde in Capricorn this month and your solar house of finances will be enhanced. On the 21st money actions will require caution. You do not need to spend more than you have. Avoid taking out charge cards until the end of January. When Venus resumes direct movements in your house of finances you can again begin to borrow. Check your credit reports and pay all your bills. Take care to listen to those who have financial advice for you and organize financial records. Keep an eye out for bargains.

On the 7th of December Mars and Libra are dancing in your fifth house of relationships, family and good times. They will fight with Uranus and Aries and during the last week of the year you will be very uneasy and anxious. Do not go out without a coat and keep yourself near a doorway. If you go partying, take a designated driver. Avoid those people who will bring you down or ask you to party more than you want to. It is best to take your children where they want to go and drive teenagers where they need.

Challenging days for you in December Gemini include the 1st and the 3rd. You will have a very bad day at work on the 4th. The 10th finds you wanting to do more than you can and you fall and sprain your ankle. On the 18th you find that you are out of money and need to take on a second job to get through Christmas. The 20th finds you with a cold and the 25th is just plain noisy. You love Christmas Day but this year it is such a hassle. The 27th feels better, but you do need to take care of yourself.

Be rewarded on the 5th and 6th plus the 7th and 11th. The 15th is payday and you are rejoicing loudly. On the 26th you will be favored with a visit from your parents for Christmas and the 28th is your happy day. The 30th bring family together in a special remembrance of those who have gone on before you. All in all, December is a very special but harried month.

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