Horoscope for December 2013 for Cancer

Horoscope for December 2013 Cancer Jupiter and Saturn are in your house of advancement during December Cancer. You will have a favorable plan of action in your career and uplifting moments will increase. There are creative situations that will take you into the realm of children and it will be wonderful. Decorate your home for the holidays in a children friendly way and consider having a children's party for friends and family. Use this creative period to take care of the issues in your budget. Make gifts rather than purchasing expensive presents. They will be welcomed.

Venus is your relationship planet Cancer and might just retrograde on the 21st in Capricorn. Venus will enter your solar house of relations and increase the odds for misunderstanding and arguments. You might just find that coworkers are unprofessional and angry with you. You cannot seem to get anything done. Discuss your relationships with your partner and decide on a commitment if you are not already a couple. After February 1st things will ease up. Hang on.

You are very busy at work during December. The new moon in Sagittarius and your house of finances is making it difficult to keep on task. You will have the opportunity to do good however and take time to ease the relationship struggles with your love. Check details when you finish assignments and talk to your team about important issues. Don't forget about crucial meetings with team members and definitely don't forget meetings with upper management.

Avoid household accidents after the 7th of December. Be careful when mopping the kitchen and bathroom. You might slip and fall and that would be painful. Watch out for electrical problems and hang lights on the tree with an expert. Don't play with fire during December.

You will love being alive on the 1st and 5th. On the 9th and 13th find that you are highly rewarded at work and there are rumors of promotions or raises. The 19th is fun and the 23rd finds you at an awesome friend party. The 28th is still the Christmas season and you might just be with the one you love.

If you are feeling challenged on the 2nd and 34rd and tht is because these are mind chattering days and days when things just aren't right. Feel better on the 4th but you are not out of the woods, yet. The 10th is crazy and the 15th is a challenge. Stop what you are doing on the 18th and just stay home. The 25th is really a fun day, but it is challenging to get everyone fed and keep them happy. The 29th is your partner's birthday and can be difficult when you try to piece things together. Stay happy; this is Christmas.

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Horoscope for December 2013