Horoscope for October 2013

Horoscope for October 2013 October presents no major problems, just little annoyances. You will move though October 2013 brimming with optimism and great confidence in what you can accomplish this last quarter of the year. You are so self-self assured you might share your ideas with others long before your ideas are totally formatted. This will cause confusion among your office staff and higher-ups.

This is a month when the holidays begin. Parties on the 31st bring great smiles to your face as you watch little ones in costumes. Go to Halloween parties and enjoy the end of summer and the harvest. This is a bounteous year and your must share in the pleasure while you can. The 15th through the 20th are perfect days for farmer's markets.

Take care that you save during October 2013. The holidays demand that you have spare money for gifts, parties and decorations. Remember that October bring cold night; you will have higher heating costs. Keep warm before toasty fires during October and anticipate what the next year will bring.

Relationships can be blah during October 2013. This is a month when nothing is actually happening. Find a new relationship partner on the 31st of October at a Halloween party or just find a deeper meaning with your committed partner.

Around the 15th of the month your attention should be devoted to your career. Upper management will decide to give you assignments that are a bit out of your comfort zone. For once, however, you are not the problem and you don't question what is going on. Your immediate supervisor, however, does have issues with upper management and is going to bat for you. He/she does not know how to reconcile upper managements directions and keep you safe. Be patient, all will get resolved around the 25th of the month.

October 2013 brings possible colds and flu. You may find that you are very sick during the end of the month. Coughs and sneezes are never fun. Eat well, exercise, and keep warm .Take vitamin C and try to keep colds away from your body. Don't be so hasty in romantic relationships and have a passionate fling. You might pass on germs which will stop your romance dead in its tracks.

If you are overwhelmed at work don't take on any more assignments until you have finished the ones on your desk. The middle of October 2013 will be much better to find new assignments. Ask for payment for the ones you have already finished. It is good to be busy, but not too busy. Around the 15th of the month of October, entertain friends you have not spent much time with. Make sure that the house is ready and you are all set. Have another party on the 31st and this time you will be better prepared. With all these parties you might be known as the "party-house."

October 2013 is the final quarter of the year and is the time when you review your resolutions. If you need to, change them, but do try and get some resolutions finished. The 25th of October will find you at your wits end not knowing which way to turn. Take care and reread you goals and dreams. Anticipate what you can do next year.

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