Horoscope for October 19 2013

Horoscope for Saturday 19th October 2013
October 19th appetites begin to grow for all the lovely delights of the fall season. You might be satisfied by one bite of an apple, but you need more. Read your favorite book by a small fire. Put your feel in fuzzy slippers. Take time to just relax tonight. Keep track of the money you spend and make sure you can get through the rest of the month.
Today Horoscope for AriesToday Horoscope for Aries:
Aries you find that children did not do their chores today. Now you need to do them or you will not be able to have the carpet cleaners come. Get them up, ask them to take out the trash and have them help you clean up. They are tired, but that is too bad.
Today Horoscope for TaurusToday Horoscope for Taurus:
Taurus, be a bit playful at work. Keep your same effectiveness but give the office a lift. You have worked so hard for the last couple of weeks now it is time to play. If you keep working at this pace you will drain all of your energy reserves. Put pep back into your step.
Today Horoscope for GeminiToday Horoscope for Gemini:
You feel that jobs stress, a few extra pounds, and the lack of energy are putting a damper in your life. You do suffer from self-doubt, and it is not easy to get motivated for mundane chores. Find time to do a bit of romantic handy panky today Gemini. You will find that you are quickly back on track.
Today Horoscope for CancerToday Horoscope for Cancer:
Don't listen to rumors or gossip today Cancer. You have heard an unpleasant rumor about someone in the family and you feel horrible. You never trusted them in the first place nor do you like them. You wonder what planet this family member came from and now you know. Don't give away the rumor until you can verify it.
Today Horoscope for LeoToday Horoscope for Leo:
Leo you love you best friend, but you have given them up for your relationship partner. That is too sad. You do not have a good relationship with this friend any more. Call them today to talk about what is going on in your life and try to help them understand why you did what you did.
Today Horoscope for VirgoToday Horoscope for Virgo:
Virgo you have a bit of a health scare today. Don't panic, just get a second opinion. There re always choices in health care and you do not need to take the first solution. Your financial picture is getting brighter today. That is a good thing.
Today Horoscope for LibraToday Horoscope for Libra:
Libra you can motivate colleagues, family and friends if you want. Speak directly to their hearts and give them an almost guilt trip. This is an unfair advantage in love relationships but you do not abuse this talent. Repair damages and hurts you have done to others today. You will find that healing a wound is empowering.
Today Horoscope for ScorpioToday Horoscope for Scorpio:
Scorpio if you take time to find peace and closure with someone you hurt, you will feel so much better. You need to decide in advance how you will hand the new relationship with your ex. Will you be an acquaintance that just says hi on the street, or a friend that you occasionally talk to?

Today Horoscope for SagittariusToday Horoscope for Sagittarius:
There is so much right in your life Sagittarius. Yet, you are too busy with someone you just met to pay attention to the big picture. You feel that everything can just take care of itself for a bit. You health is good and your finances are okay. Try not to ignore the people in your family for too long. It will not be good for your relationship.
Today Horoscope for CapricornToday Horoscope for Capricorn:
Capricorn if you are thinking of making your business more profitable you will need help Today you might want to invest money to hire someone to coach you on business. Think about this before you act. Check out the consultant from both sides and ask for a contract with a money back guarantee. Don't do anything rash today.
Today Horoscope for AquariusToday Horoscope for Aquarius:
Aquarius your world is teetering on the brink of chaos as you find that you have no more money in the savings account. You do not know where it went. Don't hurt feelings of you love today. You do not need to take our misfortunes out on someone else. Find a way to replenish your savings before the holidays. Try a yard sale or a loan from the bank.
Today Horoscope for PiscesToday Horoscope for Pisces:
Pisces keep your cool when everyone around you is falling apart. You may have to apply the calm and emotional balm back on track. Point those you can in the right direction. Speak quietly and softly. You can help if you are persuasive in a gentle manner.

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