Horoscope for October 2012 for Taurus

Horoscope for October 2012 Taurus Decan 1 (born Apr 21st to Apr 30th): Expect the month ahead to run pretty smoothly, with some nice planetary influences heading your way. Starting on the 3rd, the ruler of your decan enters Virgo, bringing about some positive influences in your home and work fronts. You'll have an increased sense of commitment towards these areas of your life and will be drawn to reflect about your inner desires (especially because, on the following day, Jupiter turns retrograde). On the 5th, Mercury (your money planet) and Saturn enter your 7th house (Partnerships), which means that your partner could play a very important role in financial gains or help you gain new insights in your financial life. Later on the month, your main ruler - Venus - enters Libra in your 8th house, which means that a financial windfall may be heading your way, again through marriage and partnerships. This also means that you will be able to achieve your goals if you use a diplomatic approach.

Decan 2 (born May 1st to 10th): To start off the month, Venus enters your decan, positively influencing your financial matters. Don't expect any help from your family, though, as the planet ruling over your domestic affairs - Jupiter - turns retrograde on October 4th, which means that you will spend some time reflecting upon your inner self. On October 5th, Mercury and Saturn enter your 11th house, which means that you will feel the need to spend some time cultivating your public image and your personal relationships. Use this influence to captivate those around you. Take time to personalize your social interactions. This is even truer since the New Moon (on the 15th) happens in Libra, providing you the possibility to spice up your personal relationships. It's not the time to be passive or checked out. This could be the excellent time to plan your future and to look straight ahead. On October 29th, the Full Moon in Taurus could bring along someone who will sweep you off your feet!

Decan 3 (born May 11th to 20th): The ruler of your decan - Saturn - will be quite busy this month, so October 2012 will be quite the month. To begin with, the planet ruling your career (Venus) will be entering Virgo, empowering your professional life. The influences will be good and strong, so if you have to do something in the work front, this is the time to go. Later on, on the 5th, Saturn (together with Mercury) enters your 3rd house, which means that your communication skills will likely impress everyone around you. Enjoy this increased charisma! On October 10th, Saturn will trine Neptune, so the problems and responsibilities of life may be seen in a new light, as part of a larger drama you are living (almost like a dream). You are able to handle difficulties more easily, seeing them as part of the greater picture. At the end of the month, the Full Moon could represent an excellent opportunity to analyze your life and to plan ahead!

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