Horoscope for October 2012 for Aries

Horoscope for October 2012 Aries Decan 1 (born Mar 21st to 30th): October 2012 will be an excellent month to express your feelings and open your heart to that special someone in your life, especially if you are single. This will be particularly true because on the 3rd, Venus (the love planet for your decan) will be entering your 8th house (Sex, Money and Power), which means that you will be drawn to take part in some power plays as far as love goes. This also means that your sex appeal will be soaring high in the sky. On the 4th, Jupiter becomes retrograde, creating the perfect opportunity to dedicate some time to inner growth experiences. On the 5th, both Mercury and Saturn enter your 6th house (Work and Health), so communications and charisma will be by your side, guiding you through your plans; however, the influence of Saturn could also bring along some frustration. Great discipline is needed if you want to succeed, especially because on the 10th, Saturn will be trining Neptune. As Venus enters Libra (and your 7th house of partnerships) on the 28th, the emphasis will be once again in romantic relationships and even marriage.

Decan 2 (born Mar 31st to Apr 9th): For those born under the influence of this decan, the emphasis for this month will definitely be on career matters. The planet ruling your career - Venus - will be busy creating some positive aspects, but the month starts off with Venus entering Virgo and your 12th house. This means that you should take time to analyze your gut feelings. On the 5th, Mercury and Saturn will enter your 10th house (Public Reputation and Career), which means that communications will play a major role in your professional life and that you will be drawn to structure and organization. Saturn could bring along some financial benefits. Later on the month, Venus drops by to visit your 10th house, so you will be completely focused on your professional life. You should really take this opportunity and these planetary influences to push your professional agenda forward: October 2012 can definitely be your month!

Decan 3 (born Apr 10th to 20th): What a month ahead for those born under the influence of this decan! On the 3rd, your planet of Work and Health (Venus) will be entering 4th house, which will force you to become quite sentimental towards your home environment and your family. The ruler of your decan, however, becomes retrograde on the very next day, creating some delays in the home and professional front. Promotions are postponed, children may need your support and you will likely feel like your job is a nuisance and that you'll probably be better off having some fun. On the 5th, Mercury and Saturn enter your 2nd house, which could bring about some feelings of frustration regarding the level of your income. Express those feelings to the people close to you, since they could help you gain control over your finances. On the 6th, Mars enters your decan and you will be feeling quite motivated to work again. Fast forward to the end of the month and your love planet - Mercury - enters Sagittarius, providing you with enough sex appeal and charisma to rule the world!

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Horoscope for October 2012