Horoscope for November 2012 for Taurus

Horoscope for November 2012 Taurus November 2012 could be a time of financial success. Make good investments and keep working hard in your career. During November, Taurus you need to brainstorm with partners and co-workers particularly on the 1st, through the 3rd to find solutions to work problems. Sleep on the decisions you need to make and don't be hasty. Work out between the 11th and 15th. Be with friends on the 23rd and take particular care with your appearance the end of the month.

November is not a good time to be alone either in business or relationships. You may be bonding with someone and forming a united front and you will have a month of depending on someone for their input. You will not be successful if you are alone this month, Taurus.

The Solar eclipse on the 13th of November is a new beginning in close relationships. You may have to take the initiative to make things deeper or just compromise to keep things comfortable. On the 28th the lunar eclipse will cause you to rethink your finances and what to do with property and possessions. Do you keep them or sell them? There will be discussions and ideas about possessions in a relationship. Do you keep them to yourself or share them. Go with your gut feelings; this may be a time to hold on to those things that are very important to you.

In relationships do avoid knee jerk reactions to emotions or relationship complications. You will find that if you are passionate about someone you will be okay; however that person can "push your buttons" and you can drive them away. Either way it is up to you to contain you emotions. From the 1st until the 22nd Venus is positioned directly for you and this means that you will be able to work favorably in a group situation. You will be more cooperative with others and have reasonable interactions with co-workers. A romantic connection may happen during this time if you are single; if you are in a committed relationship you may be able to take this relationship to a more serious level. Venus will pass by Saturn on the 2th and you may be more connected to your partner.

This is a month to let go of old habits and make space for new ideas. Your feelings on the 17th will begin moving to an area where you will learn by doing and grasping ideas that you don't know anything about. You may be getting out and socializing more or trying to get out of your old routine. November is the month where you will have the power to focus on challenges placed by people in your life. Responsibility will help you grow, but you need to take things one small step at a time. You are aware of what you are missing in personal and professional areas and you are yearning for a liaison with someone who is more your style. Who you are thinking of lining up with is not going to be a permanent thing for you and you will definitely be hurt.

As the month moves on you will have a chance to better your finances and your health will improve. You are not feeling the best right now, but do take heart. It will change.

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