Horoscope for November 2012 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for November 2012 Sagittarius November 2012 Sagittarius finds you "biting off more than you can chew." That's okay. You can do it. On the 1st 2nd and 3rd take the day off to party, revel in your accomplishment and enjoy yourself. On the 8th through the 10th you need to get down to work and by the 21st go to the gym. Make sure you communicate feelings on the 28th and keep enthusiasm going through the end of the month.

November 1st through the 22nd pulls you towards situations going on behind the scenes or in your private life. These may have to do with the past or something that you are working on and have put aside. You will need to be there for others more than usual. The current position of the Sun in your solar chart forces you to be nurturing, compassionate and give higher service. You do need to find more space in your life for others to use you and to lean on your shoulder. This is a period to take time for more self and to stop those from leaning on you to such an extent that you lose yourself. Emotions are high and you are feeling sensitive during this period. You have more going on within you than others know and you may lash out and let frustrations get the better of you. This can manifest in defiant moods or irritable demeanors.

The solar eclipse on the 13th represents a new beginning. You are starting to turn inwards and listen to your spiritual guides. The lunar eclipse on the 28th indicates new ways to pool resources and cooperate in your relationship. As the Sun moves with Mercury you may find yourself socializing more and you may become the designated driver more than you want! You will have the ability to express your innermost thoughts and intentions clearly and accurately which will give people the right ideas about what you want to do. On the 14th do take time just for yourself.

After the 22nd friends and acquaintances may give you support as you move forward to finish a project or to start a dream. You will find that fresh associations and group gatherings are highly beneficial. Positive experiences could be yours by letting others help you and giving you a shoulder to lean on. You do have relationships that are flourishing, but they are somewhat in the background. You may have to work harder around the 27th to make sure these relationships do not become complacent and start to wither.

As Jupiter transits, you will be able to expand into new areas through partners and closer friends. You will find career satisfaction in these areas. You will have a higher learning curve in the next few months and you may need to travel for a relationship. As Mars stays in your sign you will have high energy and decisiveness. You will have to keep up the pace with family and friends. You should be more dynamic and physically active towards the end of November. Be careful not to over things; stop socializing if you are tired.

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Horoscope for November 2012