Horoscope for November 2012 for Leo

Horoscope for November 2012 Leo Leo, brainstorm with others on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd; the more ideas you generate the better you can present ideas in a large meeting; be intelligent and informed. On the 11th and 12th you may have the opportunity to reignite old flames or deepen a current relationship. Be careful with finances during the last week of November; don't obsess, just be careful.

This is the month, Leo when you need to focus on family matters and neighborhood and friend relationships. You may feel links with the past and you want to go back to you old ways. Stop the thinking! You may want to connect more with nature during November and feel better about what you really have.

The solar eclipse on the 13th brings changes into your home life. You may have the chance to make a fresh start which will build new roots. You will break with the past. The lunar eclipse on the 28th will again bring new beginnings and changes that are connected to friends and your social circle. There is more entertainment during November and communications with friends, lovers and even pets are enhanced. You will begin to feel more creative and empowered to laugh. You are trying to make good impressions and you will! As Mercury retrogrades into your previous house, the 14th of November may mean that you again think about the past. You will be highly sensitive at times and you need to find a way to release your emotions. Party, study, be with people.

On the 22nd of November Venus is transiting though your communication house. You will feel warmer relationship with siblings and parents. If will soften what you are hearing from others and you will begin to feel more attractive and entraining. You may be able to express yourself better or you might have interesting distractions. Venus will bring fluency to your thinking and you will find a successful venue.

During the days of November 26th and 27th you may find a more practical side of a relationship and domestic matters will be emphasized. Feel the balance. As Saturn moves from your communication area you will find that you have to take more demands on yourself. This may cramp your social style, but it will be something you need to do. Around the 17th of November you do need to be careful in making hasty decisions on property or purchases. You do not want to go into debt! You will need more activities with children and pets. More physical efforts are demanded from you during this time.

Find a way to serve after the 17th but do be aware of over-doing things; avoid projects that will take too much time and energy. Your plate is already full enough. After the 22nd you will feel more creative and outgoing and less emotional. The past will be the past and the present is here and now.

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