Horoscope for November 2012 for Capricorn

Horoscope for November 2012 Capricorn Capricorn, during November you must beware of hurts and baggage. Stop imagining hurts from your boss and coworkers; they are not criticizing. Don't be heartbroken by someone who is not worth your time; move on. You will have an incredible creative 15th and 16th. If you stay disciplined with your creative ideas the end of November will be very fulfilling in relationships, family and career.

This is a busy and progressive month and a time when friendships, new contacts and more involvement with a community are necessary. During November goals that have been on the back burner for a long time will begin to come to the front of your mind. You may experience an unexpected influence and you will have to be more flexible. Networking is highlighted and technical details can be emphasized. Until the 22nd of November there will be professional collaborations that will enhance and advance your career.

A solar eclipse on the 13th brings new beginnings in your career. You will experience a green light for improvements on the 28th that will perk up daily duties, work and health. You may feel torn emotionally during the month of November. You are feeling a bit disconnected and you often zone off in conversations and in meetings. Bring yourself back into line so you will not damage your career. On the 14th Mercury will retrograde into the Sun and this will bring a great social time for you Sagittarius.

The 22nd of November will convey authority figures, parent and siblings who will look at you in a good light and there could be an ally of the opposite sex who will help you in your career. This person will play a supportive role as you move in the right direction. After you climb up the ladder, you might actually be the one who gives a co-worker a boost up the corporate hierarchy.

Sagittarius, after the 22nd friends and acquaintances will help you with career changes. You will have new associations, and there will be more responsibilities coming your way on the 27th.

As the middle of November passes you may find that you are content to be in the background and let others carry the load. You seem to feel like being nurtured and it is good to let go sometimes. After the 17th when Mars enters your sign you will begin to feel more vitality and drive. Mars initiates new beginnings so you will be more dynamic and physically active. You will get on with what you need to do. Quite a bit will get accomplished both on the home front and in your career. Relationships may start to flourish. You may feel the need to expand your exercise routines. You will want to push yourself to the limits. You may also find situations that demand more leadership or physical efforts and you will work hard making decisions and being proactive. From the 22nd to the end of November you will find that you need to keep to yourself more and just play a supporting role. You have gone through a few weeks of dynamic leadership and now there needs to be a time of preparation, healing and nurturing. If you are artsy or spiritual you will be able to draw on your dreams and spirituality.

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Horoscope for November 2012