Horoscope for September 2013

Horoscope for September 2013 September 2013 donates lives that thrive in the direction of self-preservation. This sounds a bit selfish, but to maintain life means to take care of you in order to be there for others. Being creative, original or individual is the direction you seek to express yourself. September 2013 suggests a very acute awareness of the world around you and a quick reaction to senses and experiences. You might need to use triggers and tips to get your mind going, but that is good.

If you are nervous or high strung that is a sign of returning to a natural digging in for winter. September 2013 is the autumn month and as such is the month of harvesting, preparing and storing. This goes along with the earthy sign of Virgo that is concerned with perfectness and analytical minds. Attention to detail, to the earth and to organization is key for September.

As you harvest and store, this month bring a somewhat unusual preoccupation of being hygienic and cleaning up your environment. It might be a sense of preparing for hibernations and digging in for the winter months. Or it might just be that the planets are telling you to be prepared. Use September's bounty to keep the rest of the year and the winter months plentiful.

Do be aware that September 2013 sometimes brings criticism of situations and people. The planets and the signs may bring this about due to the analytical vibes in the air. If you summed up a situation before you acted on your thoughts and communications, you will be well served. This might be annoying, but analyzing and looking at issues from all sides is a very remarkable trait. Natural talents in September invite you to come into social scenes and become involved in projects, assignments and personal lives. Do finish assignments and projects to the bet of your ability. You do not want to be redoing ventures deep into the winter months.

Give yourself the license to learn more and pass on your knowledge and impressions with others. You have a huge and broad based knowledge base and are very interesting to talk to. If you are a true Virgo, and when others have gotten to know you and know you have many tidbits of information to share you are highly prized in social situations and one on one discussion. Every piece and bit of your information is designed to make other's lives more successful.

Keep a journal in September 2013 and make it a habit during the rest of the year. If you write down your thoughts and feelings you may find that re-reading this journal will give you a sense of growing and doing much better from week to week. September asks that you take care of your food and utility bills. Make sure they are paid on time and up to date. If you have plenty in your bank account, you will not be stressed.

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