Horoscope for September 2013 for Scorpio

Horoscope for September 2013 Scorpio Scorpio, September 2013 is a fun month for you and you should make social activities and fun your number one priority. When the 19th of September 2013 Full Moon in Pisces and your house of social activities is aligned you will find that romance and leisure time activities are emphasized. You will also want to include your hobbies. Lose yourself in working with your hands and enjoy working on those hobbies that bring you joy. Create memories with children and loved ones. Take a family trip to the mountains and go on a quickie nature hike. Do be safe.

Friends are highly valued in September 2013. You solar house of friendship on the 5th is highly emphasized and friends may become almost too important. This influence will give you opportunities, however, for working with friends and meeting new people. It is a great time to network with likeminded people and get involved in community affairs. Organize a party in your backyard and work toward organizing your entire neighborhood.

Finances are good this month. You are asked to speak at a function that will give you an added bonus in your pay check. You house of finances and career is highly enhanced during September 2013. Your energy levels will be high for your career, but do take time to sleep! If you push yourself too hard this month you might just burnout and be in the sick house for a few days. Be cooperative and share the load; ask others to help.

Mercury moving in to Libra and your house of career might be a bit dicey. Form the 9th to the 28th you will be involved in tense discussions with coworkers and work mates. You might also have arguments with your relationship partner. Listen for clues as to what is wrong. Do not leave thing unsaid; they will come back and "bite" you later in the year. Drive carefully this month. If you don't have to drive catch a ride with someone else or use public transportation.

Have fun on the 1st and 4th of September. The 5th is a great day to go camping and the 10th and 17th will see you relaxing. On the 18th you will receive a bonus in your paycheck and the 21st will see you spending this bonus. The 23rd is a highly a rewarding day for careers and the 26th brings you fund in a relationship.

Do stay away from people on the 2nd and 7th and the 9th of September 2013 is not a great day for you. You will be challenged on the 13th and 14th and the 20th plus the 27th just stay away from people. Maybe go to a museum on a solitary trip.

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