Horoscope for September 2013 for Libra

Horoscope for September 2013 Libra You will get a strong breather in September 2013 when the New Moon in Virgo moves through your house of relationship Libra. You need to take time off and take care of yourself. If you only take an afternoon off that will help you to balance the rest of the busy month. Relax on the 2nd and do take care to drink plenty of fluids and sleep to your heart's content.

With Mars in Leo and your house of relationships this month will bring strange energies positive and negative to friendships. You might part company with someone you have known for a long time over conflict of values. You may also find that financial commitments make relationships very difficult. Listen closely from the 2nd of September 2013 to the 10th and formulate your own opinions. Do not offer advice, just listen. Share your wisdom, however if it is asked for.

You work will get very hectic on the 19th of September. You will make great progress in cementing the amounts in your checking account. Do not spend money on the 10th and avoid going shopping on the 15th. You will see a rise in your income on the 29th, but don't spend the raise unwisely. You might, however need to fix some major appliances today

Controversy will come in the middle of September 2013 or around the 17th. You will feel like biting everyone's heads of as all the planets clash with Uranus in Aries. Think things through when there are decisions to be made and do not be hasty in your actions. Make sure that you consider all options and ask for opinions and thoughts.

Take care on the 2nd and 7th and do be very careful on the 9th. The 13th of September 2013 is not a good day for you and the 15th will bring cloudy weather. The 16th and 20th plus the 22nd will find you trying to get out of a financial mess and the 27th might just find you sleeping on the couch. Watch out for the 29th but do be aware that tomorrow you might just get your rewards.

On the 3rd and 6th of September 2013 plus the 8th and 11th you will find that things are very rewarding. Your days move softly and swiftly though the 18th and the 21st. The 24th is particularly rewarding for you as is the 25th. The 30th will see your finances rising and you will be able to move through September 2013 with a great deal of happiness.

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