Horoscope for April 2013

Horoscope for April 2013 In spite of your best intentions, April 2013 will continue to have some communication problems as well financial challenges for some of the signs.it is always provident to live in the here and now and take advantage of single days. "Live each day as if it were you last" is the motto of some, but you would be better off to live each day as it steps you to the future. Learn from the past months and if you plan for the future in April 2013 you will get further ahead for the rest of the year. There are always consequences for not acting proactively and although April is a transition month, it is one full of promise.

Wonderful April 2013 is a month of fresh and new; it is typically the month of awakening with the warm new days and the continuing greening of the earth.

Friends are dear to you during all the months and April 2013 should be a month that brings a special thought to your mind for far away people. Spend time with those you love including family and friends to refresh your spirit and give you a new lease on life. Look forward to the lazy days of summer where you can enjoy the sun, but enjoy the coolness of the days and evenings during April.

April 2013 is a good month to plan small trips to different cities to get a perspective on what you want to do at your home for the rest of the year. Make April a good month to visit garden shops and nurseries and get ideas of what your garden will look like this summer. Make a plan, write it down, and don't forget that the soil loves to be turned over from time to time.

Be compassionate during this month of awakening. Feel a stronger need to help others and to give them a welcome hand or thought. Review your budget for the year and ensure that you do not give to others more than you have. You tend to feel so very giving during April 2013, so take care that you are not taken in by scammers or beggars on the streets or even your own family.

Major changes are coming up in your workplace; hopefully it is not relocations or a downsizing that will bring heartbreaking changes. You may also find that your workload is increased and you are asked to pull more than your weight. Remember that it is better to have a career and enjoy it rather than to get rich form money alone. You can make it on what you have if you are careful. As the weather gets warmer you can start to turn down the furnace, turn off the lights and live by candle light and fresh air.

Find good outlets for stress relief. Don't take anything for granted. Keep your heart in check, and take care of your family. Renew with April 2013.

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