Horoscope for September 2012 for Aquarius

Horoscope for September 2012 Aquarius Aquarius movements abound in just about every aspect of your life n the spring, and none more than September 2012. You manage to make everyone around you happy for as long as possible and this is something that is brought to you by Venus moving into your house of relationships. Relax and be happy. You are able to lose more weight this month than you thought possible. Maybe you are just growing up and being persistent. Around the 10th of September you will have more communication through your work. It will be very empowering.

Juggle home and family from September 1st to the 15th. You will need to make ends meet and work though career issues. Be determined to finish all projects but don't forget that you do have a family. Watch out around the 16th that you don't argue with a partner. It could turn very nasty.

On the 7th of September you will find that money is the main focus of your life. You have support from your loved ones, but you supervisor breaks promises on the 3rd and 5th of October. If you don't find that there are raises in your paycheck this month, don't despair, they are coming. Watch for a good news on the 29th and do be happy on the 30th for things that you have wanted are coming to pass.

Happy days for your Aquarius are the 1st and 11th of September. These are days when your career takes off and you do the best work you have done for a very long time. Be happy that you are going to be rewarded with more projects! The 17th is a wonderful day and it is a nice time to take someone you love shopping. Don't hesitate to get along with your love on your shopping spree! The 19th is a rewarding day for work and the 22nd is a get day for family. Take the 23rd to go out to movies and dinner. Make it a marathon. The 24th is wonderful if you are feeling alive and ready for rainy weather.

Be challenged but not too unhappy on the 2nd and 3rd. You will find that the 4th of September is a day when all your work projects are rejected. Take the 6th off to regroup and stay at home sleeping. The 7th can be challenging if you let it due to misunderstandings at home. The 16th is an awful day. Do not venture out into the street. There are issues with neighbors that can cause you grief on this day. The 25th of September is depressing. You forgot to do your taxes an now you will be fined great sums of money. Work with an attorney to fix your problems.

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