Horoscope for July 2012 for Gemini

Horoscope for July 2012 Gemini Decan 1 (born May 21 to 31) - Mercury is retrograde in your decan, but that isn't going to stop you, is it, chatty Gemini? The real reason for concern comes from the troubling aspect created by the clash between Saturn and Mars. Saturn, the planet of control and practicality, will clash furiously with Mars, the planet that represents aggression and impulsiveness, which will leave you to handle some mixed feelings. You will be able to maintain your poise, but, deep down inside, your mind and spirit will be in full war, battling off intense energy and feelings. You're usually calm and composed and, during July 2012, you have to make sure you maintain these characteristics, because conflicts will seem to jump out of nowhere. Considering the position of Mercury in your decan, the best advice is to listen more than you talk. Take time to enjoy the creativity impulses given by Mars and Saturn and try to capitalize on their presence!

Decan 2 (born June 1 to 11) - The Sun will be positioned in your 12th house (Secrets & Solitude, ruled by the deceptive Neptune), so July 2012 will be a month to spend pondering upon your inner self. You're usually the life of the party, but this month will be running away from the spotlight like a wild animal from a fire. So instead of being the star, take this time to reflect about your past actions, particularly your actions over the course of last year. Mars will also be stopping by your decan and on the same house, which means that your energy will be extremely low when compared to your "normal" self. Couple this with Venus' presence in your 1st house and you will be completely focused on spending time indoors, close to your family and romantic partner. Since on the 21st, the Sun turns into Libra, you'll find that your energy levels are slowly but steadily restored back to normal.

Decan 3 (born Jun 12 to 20) - Bring out the accountant in you, Gemini, because you are going to need it this month! Money matters will definitely be on your mind and your attention will be entirely focused on your personal and family budget. Generally, you consider these things to be quite dull and you would go out of your way to avoid having to deal with this, but this month, you will actually enjoy dealing with these matters. Jupiter is on your 7th house (Partnerships), so it is likely that you get precious help to deal with these matters, even from your romantic partner. Let your creativity shine and you will be able to come up with innovative and inventive ways to save money. Keep an eye out for the interactions you have with others, because the Sun and a retrograde Mercury will be parked at your 8th house, which could cause some confusion. Bring out your guns and you will surely be able to express yourself as you normally do.

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Horoscope for July 2012