Horoscope for July 2012 for Aries

Horoscope for July 2012 Aries Decan 1 (born Mar 21 to 30) - Uranus continues to travels along your decan, just as it has previously and its quest will continue. This means that July will be a very exciting period for you, but since Mars is dropping in for a visit on your 6th house (Work & Health), don't be surprised if tension and stress builds up. A lot will depend on you and you alone and how you face these changes. These changes (particularly stressful ones) could happen on the workplace and you should go out of your way to avoid conflicts with people of interest. The Sun, Mars and Venus are all combines in your decan, so you will have the opportunity to shine through, but only if you control your (bad?) temper. You have been making plans and this is definitely the right time to put them in motion. Don't be afraid, because you will find plenty of help. After the 21st, the Sun shifts into Libra, which means that the changes we've been talking about are bound to happen and you better accept them with a smile on your face. It will not be a boring month, that's for sure!

Decan 2 (born Mar 31 to Apr 9) - The stress of the past few month is now but a shadow in your mind, making room for some pleasant times ahead, especially during July 2012. A very helpful sextile aspect will happen to your decan: Jupiter will be creating a sextile with the Sun, which is bound to produce some excellent ideas and plans. It is the ideal time to plan for a vacation and to expand your horizons. Since the Sun will be in your 7th house (Partnerships), you will benefit from an increased charisma, which will amply benefit any sort of personal and professional relationships. Although Mercury is retrograde from the 22nd onwards and you should measure your words carefully, interactions will be emphasized and will be greatly satisfying. Enjoy the happy influence of Venus, which might also bring some pleasant surprises in the finances department. There is only one catch, Aries: since Jupiter is influencing your decan, make sure you take care of your health, ok?

Decan 3 (born Apr 10 to 20) - Career and professional subjects will probably occupy your mind throughout the month, Aries. The Sun and Mars - both "working" planets" - will be lifting up your 10th house (Career and Public Reputation), helping you to create plans for the future and to make actual advances. Mercury and Venus will be spending some time in your 11th house, so you will probably spend some time day dreaming, but Saturn in your 7th house (Partnerships) will grant you the motivation to take a step forward in your relationships, be it personal or professional. If some issues see the light of day, the best thing for you to do is to consider all aspects carefully before making any rash moves. After the 21st, the Sun advances to your 11th house (Friendships and Desires), creating the perfect planetary conjecture to spend some awesome summer nights having some fun with your friends, while considering your desires for the future.

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