Horoscope for August 2012 for Libra

Horoscope for August 2012 Libra Decan 1 (born Sep 23rd to Oct 3rd): On the beginning of July 2012, Mars entered your decan and now, on August, Venus will be creating an interesting transit. This will produce a very interesting month ahead, filled with power, stamina and independence. Your charisma is usually quite high, but this month it will be greatly emphasized, allowing you to move smoothly across all areas of your life. However, your romantic connections or your close relationships could suffer a bit, especially if you are not careful enough to refrain your need (and will) to control and possess. Your professional life will also benefit from these good planetary vibes and you may feel revived to handle business transactions, partnerships and professional relations. If you are currently unemployed, this could an excellent time to get a decent job; if you are employed, this is a tremendous time to obtain a raise or to be recognized in the work place. Do remember one thing though: if you misuse any of this enhanced charisma, you will regret it later!

Decan 2 (born Oct 4th to 13th): The ruler of your decan - Uranus - assumed a retrograde position during July 2012 (on the 13th) and this trend will continue on for some time. At the end of the month, the planet will also be creating a challenging square with Neptune, so the thing to do this month is keep your head low and your thoughts high. Don't try to push things hard: the best thing for you to do right now is to reassess your life - both the professional, romantic and personal aspects. And make sure you take your time to do this. Remember a good and positive fact: generally speaking, 2012 will be an abundant year for your decan, especially in the social and romantic departments; anyhow, don't expect any long-term promises or relationships, since this is the time to know people but not to arrange a wedding. This is particularly true because your 7th house of Love and Relationships is underlined.

Decan 3 (born Oct 14th to 22nd): During July, your 3rd house of communications and travels became quite emphasized, but since Mercury was retrograde, you might have experienced some malfunctions as far as relationships go. Good news: from the 8th onwards, Mercury becomes direct once again, and you will be able to speak your mind and create a positive environment once more! Nonetheless, the hindrances may come back later on August 2012, as the Sun will be creating an opposition to Neptune (22nd to the 25th): watch what you say and take caution about establishing any long-term obligations (mainly regarding your finances and your professional life). During the last part of the month, the planetary spheres initiate their journey to the West, which means that the people that surround you will become quite important, particularly if you consider that your ruler - Venus - will also be making some positive aspects. This company may also create some interesting financial advances, so keep your eyes open and your senses in tune.

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