Horoscope for July 2013 for Leo

Horoscope for July 2013 Leo During July 2013 Leo you have the recognitions and rewards that you crave. Your property is enhanced greatly. During the 1st thought the 20th is the time to be generous and keep your vision practical. See tangible results of all you efforts. You can make more contact with authority figures and your recognition will be good. Keep in mind that during these days of July 2013 you are at your most visible.

It almost seems as if you are on an emotional high during the 20th through the 26th of July. You join a club, action groups and a gathering of students just like you .Those that please you are now your best friends. If you find romance during this period you will have a strong feeling of companionship. You might find, however, that it leads to less intensity and intimacy than you really want.

Keep your ambitions and desire to be acknowledged for achievements high during the days of the 5th through the 10th. If you are in a professional situation you might have a desire for others to keep noticing you and giving you rewards. This might be a great time to start a business. You have events taking place all through July 2013 that will have a great bearing on your future. These events will be very long reaching and highly wanted. Great progress in personal and career goals are being made.

Your generous nature has not served you so well in either finances or emotions Leo. You try to change the world one damaged persona at a time and July is no exception. Try and find someone who will heal you instead of the other way around. Do not give money to those who just ask for it without a reason. You do need all your finances to finish what you have set out to accomplish this month of July 2013. Financial luck will be with you more toward the end of the month and you need to take an occasional chance on the lottery. Do beware of gambling, however. If you go to a casino with friends set limits and stick to them.

Read the fine print in contracts and do not take someone else's word for what is written. If you neglect the fine print you will find that the 25th of July is very difficult for you.

You prefer to work in a very structured environment and you do adapt well to your chosen career path. You do need to establish our own work routine on the 25th through the 27th to ensure that all your projects, assignments and tests are taken care of. You can do what you set your mind too, but you will have to work at very hard the last of the month of July 2013. Be a reactive care taker. You want a home and family that is established and you can have it if you take care of your manners. Lose the better than you attitude and I am always right thinking. If you do you might just find you self on the path to romance. Take care, Leo. Your attitude gives all.

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