Horoscope for June 2013

Horoscope for June 2013 The Sun is in Taurus when the June 2013 begins and moves into Gemini on the 15th of the month. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in Gemini and get conjoined with Sun after the 15th. Saturn is in Libra which is its sign of exaltation. Moon begins the month in Aquarius and transits through the various signs throughout the June 2013. This is a remarkable period for people born under the sign of Aries. Those involved in industry and commerce are likely to benefit as they make contacts at high places. Colleagues would be helpful and there would be gains from investments made in the past. With Mars in Taurus there are strong chances that it will make them hot tempered, unpredictable and insensitive to the concerns of their beloved. This is a period to address each other concerns and compromise for a long lasting relationship. Mercury in its own sign of Gemini conjoined with Venus, Jupiter and Sun. Gemini people are going to be highly creative and full of new ideas during this period. People are going to seek their guidance and they are going to be highly appreciated of their work. With Moon entering its own sign Cancer on 12th June there are strong chances of new romance for some. The period is likely to be highly romantic and eventful. Venus transit into Cancer on 23rd should be seen as an opportunity to exhibit their skills and talents. Not only will they impress others with their communication skills, they will be centre of attraction at social gatherings. Mighty Leos can expect win in their field of expertise. Virgos women can expect intimate relationships after 15th of June 2013. It will be a remarkable period which should be used to its best. Exalted Saturn in Libra would be a good opportunity to make chances concerning their residence. Scorpio and Sagittarius people will see gains coming from most unexpected sources. Capricorns are likely to gain from travel related works. Aquarians pioneering spirit will keep them going from places to places. Romance takes a backseat for Pisces as they get to complacent about the mood of their beloved. Moon transit in Pisces just before the end of the month on the 29th of June should be taken as an opportunity to allow disengaging from everyday schedule and lookup things that they have always wanted to do. Engaging in creative activity under the influence of Moon would work as a medicine for their mind. It is a perfect time to get rid of any pessimistic feelings and look forward to life on an optimistic note.

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